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Cultivating Care through Benefits | Cultivate Counseling Case Study

Cultivating Care through Benefits | Cultivate Counseling Case Study

April 27, 2024

Cultivate Counseling offers individual and group counseling for the Flagstaff community. They were founded on the belief that hope is cultivated by courage and that with hope humans have the capacity for healing, growth, and change. 

Being able to offer group benefits is an important way they have been able to take care of their therapists who spend so much of their time taking care of others, and with the support of our team, Cultivate Counseling’s employees have them. Kris Dohse, the founder of Cultivate Counseling, was kind enough to share his experience working with us to provide his team with benefits.

Let's Get to Know Kris Dohse

What about work is fun?

It's been continually refreshing to work with this team and get connected with the work that the therapists do here.  

I also love being part of this trauma-informed team, both for our clients and the people who work here. We really try to focus on creating a positive culture. We even had formal training to help recognize potential challenges people might be bringing in from past workplaces and try to make sure that this is a place where people feel safe to work.

What advice would you give yourself at age 18?

It's okay to make mistakes! I would give myself some more space to not be so hard on myself or the challenges that I had during that time.

What’s your favorite season in Flag, and why?

That is a hard one! My favorite season would have to be fall because it’s the perfect weather and ski season is coming up and I always get excited about that.

Learn More About Cultivate Counseling

How long have you been in business?

We are in our seventh year.

How many employees do you have?


For how many years have you been able to offer benefits? 

This is the fourth year we have offered benefits to our employees.

What benefits do you currently offer to your employees?

Health, dental, vision, accidental, life insurance, retirement, temporary disability that also covers maternity leave, as well as family or paternity leave that is not covered under the Disability Leave.

When you first started offering benefits, what was the first thing you offered, and why?

We started with retirement and health benefits. Melissa and I are the owners, and we were looking for benefits both for ourselves and this practice. 

The Value of Offering Benefits to Your Team

Why is it important to you to be able to offer benefits to your employees?

When we started offering benefits, we noticed that we had more applicants for therapist positions. For a lot of people, that's an important thing for where they choose to work. It also feels like we are able to take care of our team, offering them things like mental health days and self-care reimbursements.

What was the greatest challenge of being able to offer benefits to your team?

I think the greatest challenge is budgeting because when you bring in new team members, you don't know who is going to opt in. 

We also need our team members to work full-time in order for it to be sustainable for us to cover their health insurance. There are times when the work is really emotionally challenging for therapists and they need to work less, but we have to keep them at a minimum number of hours to maintain their full-time status to keep their benefits.

What is the greatest reward for being able to offer benefits to your team?

It is just nice to know that we are able to provide benefits for the folks on our team who really need them. It also opens up our applicant pool for a more diverse population.

What do you love about working with BFS?

They are super supportive and very responsive to all of our needs. As a smaller company, we don’t really have an HR department, so it is really nice to be able to point our team to Veronica and Mike if they have questions about retirement or other benefits. I know that they're going to get a response within 24 hours, which is wild. They also offer free financial consulting for anyone in our practice, which is a huge benefit. 

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