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Empowering Business Growth: The Impact of Employee Benefits | Mountain High Excavating

Empowering Business Growth: The Impact of Employee Benefits | Mountain High Excavating

August 25, 2023

In today's fast-paced business world, the significance of employee benefits cannot be overstated. These offerings not only attract top-tier talent but also establish a foundation of stability and loyalty among the workforce. Our recent conversation with Kathy Bedlion, co-founder of Mountain High Excavating, shed light on their journey towards recognizing the pivotal role of employee benefits in their business evolution. At Benefit and Financial Strategies, we take pride in assisting companies like Mountain High Excavating in navigating the complex realm of group benefits.

Let's Get to Know Kathy Bedlion…

What do you do for fun?

“We just love the outdoors. Hiking and off-roading. We live out by the cinders, so we spend a lot of time out there with our razors. And in the Summer, we pretty much live at Lake Powell. We love visiting breweries on the weekends and festivals around town. Summers in Flagstaff have so many community-focused festivals; we love to support the community, which is what Flagstaff is all about.” 

What about work is fun?

“We have a good team camaraderie. A lot of our guys just seem to be happy. They work well together. We have a good team. That's huge!”

Whether professionally or personally, what is one thing you’re proud of that happened in the last 3 months?

“Oh, we have got some big jobs lately. I mean, my husband and I started this business when we were just 25. And now it’s like we’re competing for big jobs around town. It’s pretty exciting.” 

What advice would you give yourself at age 18?

“Consistency, you know. My husband's a hard worker; he's a go-getter. I give kudos to him, but also hiring good people. We have a lot of good employees, and we could not do it without them. We've always put a lot into our employees. Always try to treat them fair and pay them what they deserve. You have to have employees to keep it going, and it's better to have happy ones.”

What’s your favorite season in Flag, and why?

“Summer and fall. Pretty much right now because it’s monsoon season, and it's not 90 degrees. The winds not blowing. You get a little bit of shade from the clouds. The sunsets and sunrises are amazing.”

Learn More About Mountain High Excavating…

How long have you been in business?

“We've been around for 20 years, since 2003.” 

How many employees do you have?

“We have about 30 employees right now.”

For how many years have you been able to offer benefits?

“This is our first year!”

What benefits do you currently offer to your employees?

“We have the medial, dental,  vision, and then we do simple IRA. We started the simple IRA probably five years ago, and now this past year was the big one to get benefits."

The Value of Offering Benefits to Your Team…

Why is it important to you to be able to offer benefits to your employees?

“You know, honestly, I think you get a better pool of employees. They want it. I feel like it's a stability thing. I don't know. People look for it.”

What does it mean to your employees to have benefits available?

“They were all very excited about it. We have some employees who won't. I mean, we've had some people come, and they would not have come if we didn't offer benefits.”

What was the greatest challenge of being able to offer benefits to your team?

“It's just a financial thing. We've just grown and changed so much in the last five years. So it's just been really hard with all the growth and the cost that comes with it. We went from having four employees to thirty in six years. So the biggest thing was just being financially able to guarantee those benefits to the guys.”

Facing these hurdles might seem daunting, but the potential rewards? They're absolutely worth it. Kathy knows firsthand how having Benefit & Financial Strategies by her side to guide her through these challenges has been a game-changer.

"You know, the best part? It shifts how our employees see their jobs. It used to be like, 'Oh, it's just a small, family-run place. What about my future?' Now, it's different. They're starting to see it as a real career choice—a stable path. Our benefits play a role in reshaping that view. It's amazing how it transforms their whole perspective."

What do you love about working with Benefit & Financial Strategies?

Veronica and the Benefit and Financial Services team, according to Kathy, were amazing. They’re not only easy to work with but also incredibly helpful and available whenever needed. Kathy's experience during the initial stages of seeking benefits post-COVID was frustrating, with many unanswered calls. However, once Veronica entered the scene, everything changed. The process that previously took eight months of unsuccessful attempts became seamless and efficient. Veronica's responsiveness and efficiency turned the situation around, leaving Kathy amazed by the ease she brought to the entire process.

As a business leader, it's crucial to prioritize your employees' well-being. Robust employee benefits aren't just about the job; they demonstrate genuine care for your team's overall quality of life. This investment strengthens trust, boosts loyalty, and provides a sense of security, ultimately resulting in improved performance and employee retention.

However, wading through the complexities of benefits can be overwhelming. Healthcare plans, 401ks, life insurance—the list goes on. That's where we come in.

Benefit and Financial Strategies plays a pivotal role in this journey. Their expertise guides businesses through the complexities of implementing benefits, providing a streamlined and efficient process. Just as Kathy from Mountain High Excavating experienced, the right partner can make a world of difference. 

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