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Financial Services for Businesses and Individuals in Flagstaff, Arizona

Financial Services for Businesses and Individuals in Flagstaff, Arizona

July 27, 2021

Since 1988, Benefit & Financial Strategies have been proud to serve the financial needs of Flagstaff, Arizona's individuals, businesses, and families. Our network of Northern Arizona financial professionals care deeply about our clients and community. We’re committed to prioritizing our clients’ needs to help them achieve their financial goals.

Financial Services for Families and Individuals

If you've never worked with a financial professional, you may be wondering, what is a financial advisor? Or, what does a financial advisor do? Financial advisors help manage your finances and help you develop long-term financial plans to meet your future goals. Many people choose to work with a financial advisor to help with budgeting, saving, paying down debt, investing, and planning for retirement and other future needs.

If you search online for a financial advisor near me in Flagstaff, Arizona, you're likely to find many financial planners who focus on portfolio management and investing. However, families and individuals looking for more robust and comprehensive financial planning services will want to find a financial planning group offering more diverse services, including insurance planning, retirement planning, and other financial services. 

At Benefit & Financial Strategies in Flagstaff, AZ, we offer a range of personalized financial planning services and provide individualized attention to each client to help them make the most informed decisions about achieving their financial objectives.

  • Family and Individual Planning Services

We offer an assortment of personalized family and individual planning services for our clients in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona, including retirement income planning and design, portfolio analysis and design, and real-time financial projections and planning services.

  • Family and Individual Financial Services

Benefit & Financial Strategies can help you grow your assets with a variety of financial services, including brokerage services, annuities, mutual funds, college funding strategies, and fee-based asset management.

  • Family and Individual Retirement Services

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for retirement planning, so we help our clients explore their options to make informed decisions that help them reach their retirement goals. We offer various retirement savings plans, products, and services, including Simple and SEP IRAs, fixed and variable annuities, and traditional and Roth IRAs.

  • Family and Individual Insurance Plans 

Insurance planning helps protect Arizona families and individuals from financial losses. We provide marketplace consultations on various insurance plans, including life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, and Medicare supplement plans.

Financial Services for Employers and Businesses

Benefit & Financial Strategies offers a variety of services and strategies for Arizona businesses looking to grow their businesses and support their employees. Our experienced team can help business owners create flexible and affordable employee group benefit plans to attract and retain top talent for their companies. We also offer retirement planning services for employers and employees, including pension plans, profit-sharing agreements, succession planning, and more.

Group Employment Benefits

It can be challenging for employers to keep track of changing compliance guidelines and employee benefits trends. We stay on top of the shifting group benefit landscape so Flagstaff employers can focus on their business. We offer flexible group benefit plans with ongoing support and assistance.

  • Employer and Business Medical Insurance

Even large corporations can struggle to find the best medical insurance for their business. It is even more difficult for small and mid-sized business owners tasked with wearing several hats in the office. The financial professionals at BFS help business owners select and purchase group medical insurance for their employees and identify the tax credits and other offsets to reduce the overall financial burden.

  • Employer and Business Dental Insurance

Employers aren't required to offer dental insurance to their employees. Still, survey data shows that employers who provide competitive group benefits, including dental insurance, are better able to attract and retain the workers they need to keep business running. BFS helps business owners purchase and administer supplemental insurance benefits, including dental insurance.

  • Employer and Business Vision Insurance

Group vision insurance is a smart way to help employees save on premium payments. As part of a comprehensive benefits package, vision insurance can help employers attract and retain top talent. Our financial planners can help business owners compose employee benefit plans, including vision insurance, and identify tax incentives and other savings.

  • Employer and Business Life Insurance

Life insurance not only plays an essential role in forming a comprehensive and competitive employee benefits plan but also helps your business recover in the unfortunate event of a key employee's death. At BFS, our financial professionals understand business owners' needs. They can help you evaluate various life insurance options so you may choose the coverage strategy that is the most suitable for your needs.

  • Employer and Business Disability Plans

When illness or off-the-job injury prevents an employee from working for an extended period, disability income insurance provides them with a portion of their lost income until they can return to work. Group disability income insurance may be employer-provided or offered as a voluntary employee benefit. Our financial professionals can help your business explore available plans and identify tax savings and other potential offsets for employer-paid benefits.

Retirement Services Businesses

For small businesses competing with large corporations for employees, competitive benefits packages, including retirement plans, can be the deciding factor for the most talented and experienced job candidates considering multiple offers. BFS gives Northern Arizona employers access to a full suite of retirement plans and services so they can attract top talent to fill their most valuable roles.

  • Business Pension, Profit Sharing, 401(k) Plans, 403b Plans

BFS offers individualized implementation and administration support for employee retirement plans, including 401(k) plans (available to for-profit employers) and 403(b) plans (for government and non-profit employers.) These popular retirement vehicles combine tax-deferred employee contributions and employer-matched funds. Business pension and profit-sharing arrangements are also available for Flagstaff, AZ, employers who wish to fully fund the accounts of their vested employees or split a portion of company profits between eligible employees.

  • Business Cash Balance Plans

This type of defined-benefit plan allows employers to credit a percentage of an eligible employee's annual compensation to a designated account where it will earn an annual interest credit. Employees may receive a lump sum or monthly annuity at retirement, depending on the plan provisions.

  • Business Buy/Sell Agreements

Cross-purchase agreements and stock-redemption agreements are two common types of buy-sell agreements that help protect against loss after the death or disability of an owner or employee. If a cross-purchase agreement is in place, other key employees have the option to buy their ownership interest. Under the terms of a stock purchase agreement, a business and its key employees agree that the company will purchase ownership shares in the event of an employee's death.

  • Business Simple and SEP IRAs

SIMPLE IRA plans offer Flagstaff, AZ employers with an inexpensive and less complicated alternative to 401(k) plans. SEP-IRA plans are similarly uncomplicated but, unlike other deferred compensation plans, all contributions to a SEP IRA are made by an employer on behalf of its employees.

  • Business Deferred Compensation and Defined Benefit Plans

Defined benefit plans and deferred compensation plans refer, respectively, to common retirement products such as 401(K) plans and pension plans. Deferred compensation plans typically include a mix of employee and employer contributions, with employees deferring receipt of the funds until retirement. Defined benefit plans are 100% employer-funded and managed and guarantee a specific payout amount at retirement.

  • Business Succession Planning

Succession planning helps business owners plan for the future and ensure the successful transfer of ownership upon the owner's retirement or in the event of a tragedy, while ensuring owners retain the assets needed to retire and provide for their families comfortably.

  • Business Executive Benefits

The US Department of Labor regulates executive compensation and benefit plans, so it’s important businesses consider the suggestions of a financial professional when designing packages for executive team members. BFS helps employers navigate the eligibility criteria and understand the regulations governing executive qualified and non-qualified executive benefits plans so they can maintain compliance and remain competitive.

Why Hire an Advisor for Your Financial Goals

Many individuals and families consult with financial advisors or use Robo-advisors to gain one-off investment advice but don't realize the range of services available. The financial advisors at Benefit & Financial Strategies partner with each of our clients to understand their current financial situation and long-term goals. We offer a wealth of services to help Arizona families with budgeting, investing, and saving, as well as asset management, insurance services, retirement planning, and tax strategies. 

Businesses get a boost from financial planning services, as well. Our team assists owners in designing, implementing, and managing benefit plans, so owners and executives can focus on the things that matter to the business.


Whether you're a business owner interested in learning about group benefits or an individual planning for your family's future, Benefit & Financial Strategies in Flagstaff, AZ, can help. Our team brings a diversity of education and decades of experience to the table to create collaborative, individualized strategies to help meet our clients’ needs.  Do you have questions about the financial services and strategies that can help your family or business? Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

We look forward to working with you.