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Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Financial Services in Prescott

Do you need financial advice for yourself or your business but don't know where to start? Do you want to work with a financial professional who knows the local market in Prescott, AZ and can help you find investments and strategies for your individual situation?

If you're like most people, you work hard for your money. So it only makes sense to seek out professional help when it comes to planning for your financial future. The local team at Benefit & Financial Strategies has a deep understanding of the Prescott market. After all, we're your neighbors! Every day we help Prescott area families and businesses make smarter financial choices that benefit their long-term financial plans.

From comprehensive planning, live planning and projections, retirement planning, portfolio design, insurance, and more, we're here to help you achieve the financial future you desire.

We empower local Prescott employers to build competitive retirement plans and group employee benefits plans that help attract and hire the most qualified candidates for your business, all while taking care of the people who keep the lights on – your current employees.
Read on to learn more about the specific financial services for individuals, families, and employers offered by your local team here at Benefit & Financial Strategies.

Individual Financial Services

Financial security is the dream of just about everyone. Whether you’re on your own or you’re looking out for your family, the Prescott, AZ financial professionals at Benefit & Financial Strategies offer a comprehensive menu of individual financial services to help you meet your goals.

Retirement Services

Retirement planning is essential not just for you, but also for the future of your family. Smart financial preparation is key to a successful retirement. What’s more – time is of the essence. The earlier you begin planning for retirement, the better prepared you’ll be to enjoy your golden years.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to start. A professional financial planner can help you estimate how much money you’ll need in retirement and what sources of income will be available to help fund this phase of your life. You may also want to check out our helpful retirement calculators. It'll give you an idea of where you stand when it comes to funding your golden years so that you can start planning accordingly.

At Benefit & Financial Strategies, we work with you to ensure you have a retirement plan in place that will help you achieve the retirement you’ve always dreamed of in Prescott, AZ and beyond.

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Financial Services

We live in a hectic society where everyone is always on the go. There aren't many hours, if any, left at the end of the day between work and family time. Asset management, investing, and keeping up with market trends can be time-consuming. Plus, there’s the question of saving for retirement. That's why our financial professionals are here to assist you in staying informed and making wise decisions about your investments, savings, and retirement.

Financial planning services aren’t usually "one size fits all." That’s why at Benefit & Financial Strategies, we work with all of our Prescott, AZ clients, listening to their goals, discussing the most suitable financial strategies for them, and creating personalized plans to help them accomplish their financial goals

Benefit & Financial Strategies provides a variety of financial services to individuals and families, including: Asset management, Annuities, Brokerage Services, College funding strategies, Mutual funds, And more

Take your financial future into your own hands and work with a local team that is dedicated to the financial wellbeing of the residents of your hometown – Prescott, AZ.

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Insurance Services

If you suffer from an accident or an illness that leads to hospitalization and requires immediate medical attention, would you be able to cope financially? Do you have the resources or funds available in the case of an emergency? Can your income cover your treatment fees and other expenses while you recover?

Investing in great health insurance services will help you answer these questions. Health insurance these days truly is a must-have given the cost of healthcare. It is a critical part of safeguarding your health and that of your family, as well as avoiding the financial devastation caused by costly medical events.

Fortunately, there are many options available to you, regardless of whether you are self-employed or work for someone else. At Benefit & Financial Strategies, it’s our goal to match you with the best plan for your needs and those of your family.

You know you're working with a local team that has your best interests at heart when you work with Benefit and Financial Strategies for your insurance needs in the Prescott, AZ region.

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Planning Services

Attempting to manage your assets on your own may not be enough to meet the financial objectives you’ve set for yourself or your family. After all, it takes extensive training and experience to learn how to create a bright financial future. That’s why it’s often suggested to turn to the financial professionals for help. Financial planning services with the local Prescott, AZ team at Benefit & Financial Strategies can help you plan for the financial future you deserve in a variety of ways, including:

Reduce expenditures
Financial services can help clients with budgeting and planning, so that they can figure out where to cut expenses if needed.

Prepare for life’s curveballs
No one can know when an emergency will occur. Whether it's an unexpected hospital visit or an urgent house repair that leaves you in debt, these events might put a strain on your finances for a time. You cam avoid these money-draining curveballs through solid financial planning.

Achieve a higher standard of living
It is possible to upgrade your lifestyle all while managing your money well. In fact, proper financial planning is prerequisite to leveling up your standard of living. Financial planning services helps you determine how to allocate your resources to achieve your lifestyle goals. 

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Employer Financial Services

Some studies claim that providing perks, particularly medical insurance, may entice applicants to accept a position at a firm that provides them over one with higher pay and no benefits available. One of the greatest methods to recruit and keep top employees is to provide perks. Health insurance, as you would expect, is the most sought-after benefit among job applicants. The team at Benefit and Financial Strategies in Prescott, AZ is proud to serve Prescott area businesses with employer financial services. Managing your business is hard enough without the additional stress of dealing with the complex finances involved. We want you to be well-informed and well-prepared. 

Client Centered

Group Employment Benefits

When you work in a team, we often talk about the things that are important in our lives. Things like our health, financial security, and our futures. Chances are, the issues that are important to you are probably also important to them too.

Employee benefits provide for many of our living costs. They improve the security of people's lives and make it simpler to deal with changes in circumstances like health emergencies. So isn't it worth considering providing group employee benefits for your employees?

Group employee benefits help attract new talent As consumer research shows, benefits can have a big influence on recruitment decisions. Whether you're just considering providing group benefits to your staff or you’re ready to get started, we can help you manage your employees' benefits packages  every step of the way, as well as provide assistance after they've been implemented. We’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider for both your business and your team, so you can build a benefits package designed to help you attract top talent to your Prescott, AZ business. 

Client Centered

Retirement Services for Employers

Retirement plans, whether defined benefit plans (pension plan) or defined contribution plans (like 401(k)s), are important ways to attract and retain key employees. They've become even more important now that employees are living longer than ever before. Offering retirement benefits is part of the employer's social contract with its workforce; it says, "I am concerned about you and want the best for you in your golden years." It also minimizes turnover by giving current employees (and potential ones) another reason to stay at your organization.

Building a great retirement plan for your team can be confusing. That’s why our local Prescott, AZ team of financial professionals at Benefit & Financial Strategies works with you to assess your specific needs, taking the local economy into consideration to build a retirement plan that will make your employees proud to work for you. 

About Benefit & Financial Strategies - Meet Our Team

Benefit & Financial Strategies offers unrivaled financial services to companies and individuals in Prescott, Arizona, and the neighboring areas. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies and challenges associated with a wide range of financial planning and employee benefits strategies, such as health care or life insurance plans that fit your and employees' unique needs. We also offer investment strategies based on sound research so you can be confident you're investing wisely today and saving financially for tomorrow.

As your neighbors here in Northern Arizona, we care deeply about the well-being of the place where we call home, and we are active in a variety of volunteer initiatives throughout the state. When you work with Benefit & Financial Strategies for financial services for yourself, your family, or your business, you're working with a small firm with a large sense of community!

Financial Planning FAQs

What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is a process that helps you in making important financial decisions in order to achieve your life goals. It involves understanding your current financial situation, setting out income and expenditure plans, identifying savings requirements or investment needs, etc, so that you continue to meet your desired living standards both now and during retirement.

The ultimate aim of financial planning is to increase the chances of achieving long-term financial stability through careful cash flow management, risk reduction & wealth creation. The subject incorporates diverse aspects like taxation laws, inflation trends, etc into its framework. The role of an a financial professional or planner is crucial at each step, from suggesting suitable investments to managing assets after purchase and beyond.

How Do I Invest Money Wisely?
Many people are looking for ways to make their money work for them. We all know the old adage that it takes money to make money.
It's all about determining which approach or combination of techniques and investment strategies will work best for your particular scenario. It doesn't always come down to buying stocks. Sometimes it means putting money into assets that have the potential for growth. That could include stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.,

Make sure that you're making wise decisions by consulting a qualified financial professional who can assist you in maximizing your investment while staying within a reasonable range of risk for your specific circumstances.

How Much Do I Need to Retire?
This is a question that plagues everyone, young and old. Given the loss of traditional pensions in favor of defined contribution plans, estimating your retirement income has become a complex challenge for most Americans. In order to plan appropriately, you need to know not only how much money you will be saving on a monthly basis but also what rate the savings will accumulate over time.

At Benefit & Financial Strategies, we can help you estimate how much retirement income you might require per year as well as the relative investment performance required by 401(k) accounts or social security payouts at different ages across your retirement landscape in order to adequately prepare for retirement.

How Much is Health Insurance?
Health insurance is an integral part of your life that you cannot ignore. Yet, with rising medical costs and the rise of healthcare premiums, health care (and the lack thereof) has become a large expense for most Americans. So how much does health insurance really cost?

The short answer to this question is "it depends". Health insurance can vary based on many factors including age, location, income level, preexisting medical conditions and other options so there’s no set price. But don't let that stop us from giving you some answers! The Precott area team at Benefit & Financial Strategies can help you find a plan for yourself, your family, or even yoru employees that gets you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

What are Group Benefits?
Group benefits allow your individual employees to benefit from lower-cost insurance coverage since the risk is pooled into a larger group. Group benefits are generally offered by employers as a way to encourage employee satisfaction and retention. But group employee benefits can also serve as an added perk for job seekers that want or need to take advantage of the perks offered through these corporate programs.

Group insurance benefits can include medical, dental, vision care plans, saving plans, disability income protection, life insurance, short-term or long-term disability coverage, accidental death/dismemberment plans, and more.

What We Love About Prescott

One of the most well-known things about Prescott AZ is its history. This area was frequented by fur trappers and traders throughout history and was used as a major gateway into the American West in the days before cars and airplanes made travel easier all around. Eventually, when trains became more common in America, this area became even more important as a way to get supplies from one place to the next.

In modern times, Prescott AZ is a beautiful city in Arizona with lots to love. The population has been on the rise for years, and its overall beauty only adds to the charm of the city. At Benefit & Financial Strategies, we love Prescott, AZ because of the fantastic people and businesses who call it home. The town has just about everything anyone could want or need. There are great jobs, housing opportunities, entertainment venues, and enough outside activities to keep anyone busy all year round!

Read on to explore a few of our favorite local and regional destinations.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake

Located just four miles from downtown Prescott, Watson Lake is loved by locals for all of the outdoor activities available there. From fishing, kayaking, and boating to hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and more, there’s truly something for everyone at Watson Lake.
Overnight camping is another popular activity in the vicinity of the lake, with amenities like showers available to campers in the summer months. Watson Woods and the boulders at Granite Dells also offer a scenic spot to spend a beautiful day in the Prescott area!


Downtown Historic Area

Downtown Historic Area

Without a doubt, the downtown historic area is one of the most popular destinations for Prescott area locals and visitors alike. Rich with history and culture, a great starting point is the historic Courthouse Plaza. From there, you’ll have access to plenty of delicious local restaurants, historic buildings, galleries, antique shops, and more. Also, wine lovers will love stopping by a wine tasting at one of the local tasting rooms.
If you only have one day to spend in Prescott, the downtown area is our recommendation as the perfect place to explore!

Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot Hall Museum

History buffs will appreciate an afternoon spent at the Sharlot Hall Museum where visitors can go on an “Arizona History Adventure” according to the museum’s website. From engaging living history exhibits to regular festivals and events like the Prescott Indian Art Market and the Western History Symposium, there’s always something to do. On campus, explore historic sites and buildings like the Governor’s Mansion, The Frémont House or The Territorial Women’s Memorial Rose Garden, among others. There’s plenty to see and do at the Sharlot Hall Museum, just a stone’s throw from downtown Prescott.

Nearby Areas Served

Beyond Prescott, Benefit & Financial Strategies is proud to serve residents and businesses of the surrounding areas as well. Here are just a few of the places our clients call home.

Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley

Located about eight miles east of Prescott proper, Prescott Valley – once known as Lonesome Valley – has been home to beef ranchers since the 1880’s, and early Mountain Patayan people long before that. These days, Prescott Valley is one of the fastest-growing residential areas in the region.

Chino Valley

Chino Valley

Home of the first Territorial Capital of Arizona before the capital moved to Prescott in 1864, Chino Valley is a family friendly area that boasts breathtaking views. While it is largely a rural area, there is no shortage of businesses that call Chino Valley home.



Known as the heart of Arizona wine country, Cottonwood, AZ is a favorite destination for day-trippers, tourists, and locals alike. It is the economic heart of the Verde Valley, and it’s historic Old Town area is home to wineries, restaurants, and more. Cottonwood is a must-see destination with something for everyone! 



Also known as Williamson Valley thanks to the main road that runs through the area, Williamson, AZ is located at the south end of Chino Valley and has a distinctly small-town feel. Benefit & Financial Strategies is proud to provide financial services to the small businesses and residents who call Williamson, AZ home.