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Financial Services for Families and Individuals

Ready To Get Started? 

Ready To Get Started? 

Is your asset management getting too overwhelming for you to handle? Looking into ways to boost your wealth? Or maybe you just need some help re-assessing and adjusting your investments? These are just a few of the ways in which Benefit and Financial can help you reach your financial goals with our individual and family financial services.

Reaching your goals in the future starts with smart, individualized asset management today. Our financial professionals help you to have the tools and resources you need to make confident decisions about your investments and savings.

We also value the trust and the relationships we form with our clients, which is why we:

  • Watch your investments closely
  • Research ways to mitigate taxes
  • Discuss insurance options to protect you from financial losses

Read on to learn about all of the ways Benefit and Financial can help you achieve your short and long-term financial goals.

We Keep You Informed

There are many different paths to financial freedom. Reasons for accumulating wealth vary as much as the ways in which you can save for it. This is why Benefit and Financial takes a personal approach to managing your investments. Financial professional planning services are not a “one size fits most” type of program. We enjoy working with all of our clients, listening to their goals, discussing the best ways to reach them, and implementing prioritized plans to get them there.


A Partnership You Can Trust

Transparency is also highly valued. That's why our clients can expect access to all of their accounts online, so you can check on your investments any time you like. Tracking progress regularly is imperative to making sure your investments are still helping you achieve your financial goals.


How Benefit & Financial Can Help You & Your family Financial plan For your future

Benefit and Financial offers several consumer and family financial services, including:

  • Asset management
  • Annuities
  • Brokerage servicesCollege funding strategies*
  • Mutual funds*

Seeking something in particular? Read on to learn more about these services below.

Fee-Based Asset Management*

Asset management typically comes in two forms: Fee-based and commission-based compensation. Not surprisingly, it is argued whether commission-based arrangements keep the best interest of clients in mind. Since financial professionals earn their compensation from the products they sell, they may show bias and offer their clients products that may not be the most suitable fit for their needs.

The professionals at Benefit and Financial believe in keeping the best interest and priorities of our clients at the heart of our mission. That is why we offer fee-based asset management*. While we will still advise you on your best options, our clients ultimately decide which ones to partake in.

To make things even more convenient for you, we offer two ways to cover asset management services. An hourly fee can be set up or a percentage (usually 1-2%) of the assets being managed can be charged for services.


College Funding Strategies*

Starting a college fund for your child is an important decision for any parent. Just like retirement planning, the sooner you start, the better, especially with rising tuition costs. Even if your child decides to not attend college when they grow up, they will still at least have enough saved up to give them a solid start on their own.

Planning for your child’s post-secondary schooling helps provide financial options to pay for educational needs. Instead of crossing your fingers that they will get a scholarship or federal aid, you can be proactive with smart financial planning.

Here are some other ways you can start saving for your child's education:

529 Savings Plans

529 Prepaid Tuition Plans

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

UGMA and UTMA Accounts (Uniform Gift to Minors Account and Uniform Trust for Minors Account, respectively)

Traditional and Roth IRAs

Some of these can affect your child's ability to receive financial aid and have tax implications as well, so it is important to research before choosing an option.


Mutual Funds*

Mutual funds* are a suitable option if you would like to invest in stocks, bonds, and the like, but don't have the time or interest in managing them yourself. Our financial professionals do the work for you, allocating your assets in a suitable way to help provide capital gains and income. Here are some other benefits of mutual fund services:

  • Diversified portfolios
  • Fees are charged annually instead of monthly.
  • One fund is used to invest in multiple stock options, keeping your portfolio seamless to manage.
  • Lower cost than other investment options

Our professionals will take stock of your needs and goals to decide which type of mutual fund is most suitable for you. This takes into account securities and the type of returns you are looking for.


Brokerage Services

Looking to help maximize your assets to save for the future? Take advantage of Benefit and Financial's brokerage services. Unless you regularly keep up-to-date on stock market trends, it can be hard to know which ones to invest in and what kind of trades, if any, you should participate in. We keep up with trends for you, sharing valuable information so that you can make informed decisions.

Or, after consulting with us and letting us know your goals and what kind of returns you are hoping for, we can do the buying, selling, and trading on your behalf. And, since all of your accounts with Benefit and Financial are available to you online for your convenience, we are happy to send you important updates on current market trends.



Annuities are another common way to save up for retirement. However, they are generally only used if you have maxed out other investment vehicles, such as 401(k)s and IRAs. They do have many advantages, though.

No contribution limits

Tax-deferred growth

No income taxes until you make a withdrawal or begin regular payments

Predictable income source

There are three main types of annuities: deferred variable*, deferred variable with a guaranteed minimum accumulation benefit*, and deferred fixed annuities*. Deferred variable annuities* come with more risk. The second type protects you against any losses over a set amount of time. Deferred fixed annuities* are the most conservative option and are similar to certificates of deposit (CDs).


Planning For Your Financial Future

We live in a busy world where everyone is constantly on the move. Between work and family time, there aren't many hours, if any, left at the end of the day. Asset management, investing, and keeping up with market trends can be time-consuming. But, it's still important to save up for retirement and whatever it is you desire in life. That's why our financial professionals are here to help keep you informed and make the right decisions about your investments and savings.

Ready to take advantage of our individual and family financial planning services? Give our team a call or send us an email to get started!